Nicole Mark

Hello! My name is Nicole Mark, I’m a Portland, Oregon native. I live in a Tinyhouse I built with my dad about 5 years ago. I’ve been making photographs since I was 10 years old primarily using 35mm & 120mm film (and some digital) for landscapes. I love to drive way out into the middle of nowhere, up old winding mountain roads in my truck, and hike in the pouring rain to create misty PNW images. Waking up a dawn in the desert to capture a pink sunrise is always a must, especially in Joshua Tree National Park. This year I’m working on photographing Portland bridges and Oregon Mountains. My recent 

passion project is creating 35mm film double exposure portraits. In an effort to help protect our sacred outdoor spaces and indigenous communities 10% of all direct print sale profits are donated to local non-profit organizations. Currently, Black United Fund Oregon is receiving donations from print sales. Visit their website to learn more about the projects they’re involved in. Previous donation recipients include Don’t Shoot PDX, ​Columbia Riverkeeper, BARK, NAYA, The Freshwater Trust, Oregon Shores, Oregon Wild and Friends of the Columbia Gorge