Kelly Williams

I am a contemporary multidisciplinary painter exploring abstract compositions and textures, the figure, femininity, and the intersection of the physical art with the inner experience. I have primarily worked with encaustic paint (hot beeswax, resin and pigment), I also incorporate oils, cold wax, drawing mediums and acrylic paints into my practice. I am based in Portland, Oregon in a studio specifically designed for teaching workshops and exploring a wide range of artistic processes.

My work is a symbolic, narrative process. It is a progression of disentanglement, a developing of a story, layer by layer. It is only upon coming closer and becoming intimately acquainted with my work that one experiences the intricate textures, subtle imagery, hidden text, and imperfections that make up the whole. Secrets are hidden within the layers, embedded truths expressed and hidden again in this visceral journey.​ 

One of the key parts of my practice is guiding others on their own journey of artistic introspection. I teach both group and one-on-one workshops, online and in person, customized to the level and interests of the participants, including all mediums in which I create. With a background in psychology and social work, I offer a safe space for not only exploring multidisciplinary art techniques, but for using art as a therapeutic tool.