Julie Moore

A self-taught photographer, Julie has been creating her evocative style of art for just shy of a decade. Her images are sublime. They have a delicate, sweetly poetic and moving quality that stirs the senses and touches the heart. Perhaps surprisingly, she creates her captivating art primarily with the ubiquitous iPhone, visualizing, capturing and processing her images with the small, handy camera she carries in her pocket.

She also creates some of her images with her Holga, a medium-format film camera, and she makes many of her prints using the polymer photogravure process. About her work, Julie has said: “My images share the way I see the world, its soft tenderness and extravagant beauty, its agonizing loss and exquisite aging. There is a connection I feel and a sense of the ‘sacred’ that often calls to me.” Julie’s work has been exhibited in various galleries across the country, and in the homes of collectors.