Dream by The Rails, Jon, Gottshall. Available for Purchase at Get Gallery
John Gottshall.

My interest in my photographs, concerns people and the places they build. Although my interest is in people, they are rarely in my shots. I like to photograph when everyone else is asleep. Night time in Portland is full of theatrical lighting and suggestive set- design, a silent stage set between performances. I also like to alter the straight images by letting the materials have a say. I print onto clear (nonabsorbent) acetate and let the ink run, capturing the results with my other camera, a scanner. I combine the results from the camera and the scanner and the final result is a combination of the two. Sometimes the detail of the photo is important to preserve, yet other times the ink does spectacular things that would never have occurred to me.

St. Johns Pier, Jon Gottshall. Available for Purchase at Get Gallery.