Cedar Lee: Plant Mama

About Plant Mama:

Gardening, both indoors and outdoors, is one of my passions. I’m in all the house plant groups. These enthusiasts affectionately refer to themselves and each other as “plant mama” and “plant daddy,” particularly to show an appreciation for beautiful pictures they share with each other: in each photo, the plant mama or daddy is confident, sensuous, and joyful, surrounded by the jungle of plants they grew.

The people’s stories, the bodies they occupy, and the plants they love are always different, but the feeling they embody is always the same. It’s a grounded kind of happiness, a simple satisfaction that came from one of the simple pleasures of being alive: watching something grow. It’s overwhelmingly positive. This feeling is why plant people are plant people.

I’m fortunate to own a rare variegated monstera plant called Thai Constellation. It is still relatively small but I’ve had the pleasure of watching it grow since I got it last year. I frequently take pictures of its interesting white-spotted leaves. I used the leaves of my Thai Constellation monstera as inspiration for this painting. My mind kept seeing the image of the curved shapes and patterns of these leaves surrounding the hourglass shape of a joyful plant mama, so I painted it!

I have always loved the concept of the divine feminine as a creative force that exists in us all regardless of gender: it’s a balance between actively nurturing and simply providing a space for the growth of new life. Regardless of what you want to call it, this is the wisdom behind the green thumb. And when the growth happens, you get to celebrate!

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